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Fast Trade Exchange (FTE) is a secure, fast and flexible decentralized exchange built on sidechain infrastructure. The advantage of adopting sidechain infrastructure is data independence, speed and secure transaction. Sidechain is a blockchain that runs in parallel to the main blockchain which extends functionality through interoperable blockchain networks allowing a decentralized way of transferring/synchronizing tokens between the two chains:

The integration of sidechain technological solutions will allow FTE to execute up to one million transactions per second. This will ensure that the exchange will operate at full capacity even during peak load times.

FTE exchange has built an abstract transaction layer, on which almost all the functionalities of system core are established, such as transferring, deposit, and withdrawal.

The problem of most exchanges is the inability to add new tokens to the list due to technical capability. Our innovative FTE sidechain platform easily solves this problem. There is no limitation on listed tokens number.

Sidechain architecture
The advantage of adopting sidechain infrastructure is data independency, which does not burden the main chain with data inflation. It is a natural partition mechanism. Also, the sidechain platform accomplishes flexibility for blockchain parameters, customization including block interval, transaction fee and rewards.
High Scalability
FTE exchange core is designed to be scalable so as to accommodate a huge increase in new user registrations without having to shut down registrations, fast new coins or tokens listing. Therefore, it gives more profit!
Fast Exchange Engine
FTE is built on one of the most advanced technology and is capable of handling ONE Million transaction per second. The FTE exchange engine can execute trades in less than one millisecond.
Cross Platform Support
FTE Exchange supports a fully integrated Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android or IOS platform. Users can trade directly from any MOBILE devices fast and easy.
Secure and Intelligent
Secure: High-performance algorithm powered by advanced encryption technology, ledger is updated synchronously, assets are much safer. Intelligent: Compliance to laws and regulations can be achieved through smart contracts and algorithms.
Customers Friendly
FTE exchange has a multilingual support and allows us to tackle any issues the customers might have, news section where customers can get the latest information about cryptocurrency market. There will also be a chat section where customers can share opinions and strategies

FTE RoadMapDevelopment plan

DEC 2017
The Project Is Started!
MAR 2018
Website created. White paper created. Development started!
MAY 2018
Launch of ICO. Bounty program is started!
SEP 2018
Listing FTE tokens on exchanges.
OCT 2018
Final develop and launch FTE - decentralized exchange on sidechain
DEC 2018
Re-branding FTE exchange. New trade solutions!
Q2 2019
Migration FTE tokens to own blockchain - new cryptocurrency!


FTE token is Ethereum ERC-20 token which will be used for:

- Trade pairs BTC/FTE, ETH/FTE, XRP/FTE and so on at FTE exchange with ZERO trading fees;

- Token owners have to buy certain amount of FTE tokens to get listed at FTE exchange;

- When you will trade on FTE exchange , our system will give you a discount of deductible fees automatically on the condition of having enough FTE tokens in your account. The cost FTE tokens will depend the market price.

TIME 1st year 2nd year 3th year
Discount 50% 25% 12.5%

FTE token information

Token tickerFTE
ICO startsApril 30th 2018
ICO endsJanuary 31th 2018
Total Supply100 000 000 FTE
ICO Total Supply60 000 000 FTE
Token price0.00004 ETH
(1 ETH = 25000 FTE )

FTE tokens sale bonus structure

Purchase amount
Below 1 ETH1 - 10 ETHAbove 10 ETH
ICO week 120%25%30%
ICO week 215%20%25%
ICO week 310%15%20%
ICO week 45%10%15%
ICO week 5


1. Every ICO stage has hardcap 10 000 000 FTE, Total ICO supply: 60 000 000 FTE
2. For example, if you make a purchase during a pre-sale for 1 ETH you get 25000 FTE plus 30% bonus that is in total 25000 + 7500 = 32500 FTE tokens.

ICO Information diagrams

ExchangesWill be listed


2018-08-11 14:48


Dear friends! We have reached preliminary agreements with several exchanges on FTE token listing! Stay tuned!

2018-07-14 11:07


Dear friends! Please note that airdrop payment will be made in 30 days after end of ICO!

2018-06-01 14:03


Dear friends! Registration for FAST TRADE EXCHANGE 1st airdrop is over! To be eligible to get FTE tokens please confirm your registration with @FTE_validation_bot. Payments will be made after June 25th 2018 only to confirmed accounts!

2018-05-21 09:44

ICO WEEK 2 is started!

Dear friends! Buy FTE tokens now and get up to 25% bonus! More infromation:

2018-05-14 08:14

ICO WEEK 1 is started!

Dear friends! Buy FTE tokens now and get up to 30% bonus! More information:

2018-05-04 10:53


Dear friends! We are happy to inform you about successful launch of Fast Trade Exchange 1st airdrop. There are more than 15,000 subscribers to our telegram channel. Due to the large number of registered participants, we decided to increase 1st airdrop pool to 5,000,000 FTE.
If you still have not registered in our airdrop, you can do this at and get 100 FTE tokens. Invite a friend and get 100 tokens for each invited person.
*Airdrop FTE tokens will be distributed after June 21st

@FTE_validation_bot is updated! Now it shows number of your referrals, your FTE token balance and your referral link.

Token sale is open! More infomation about FTE token sale at Buy FTE tokens now and get up to 35% bonus!

2018-04-30 08:30

Crowdsale dates changed!

The FTE tokens Pre-Sale stage is scheduled to run till May 14th, 2018, while the ICO is planned from May 14 2018. To clarify the timing, follow the information on the website.

2018-04-21 20:50

Crowdsale program started

FTE tokens are generated! The FTE tokens Pre-Sale stage is scheduled to run from April 21 till April 30, 2018, while the ICO is planned from April 30 till May 31, 2018. To clarify the timing, follow the information on the website.

2018-03-16 14:29

FTE exchange site launched

Dear friends, welcome to Fast Trade Exchange official website!



Fast Trade Exchange (FTE) is a secure, fast and flexible decentralized exchange built on sidechain.

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