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FTE token information
Token tickerFTE
ICO startsApril 30th 2018
ICO endsJanuary 31th 2018
Total Supply100 000 000 FTE
ICO Total Supply60 000 000 FTE
Token price0.00004 ETH
(1 ETH = 25000 FTE )

FTE tokens sale bonus structure
Purchase amount
Below 1 ETH1 - 10 ETHAbove 10 ETH
ICO week 120%25%30%
ICO week 215%20%25%
ICO week 310%15%20%
ICO week 45%10%15%
ICO week 5


1. Every ICO stage has hardcap 10 000 000 FTE, Total ICO supply: 60 000 000 FTE
2. For example, if you make a purchase during a pre-sale for 1 ETH you get 25000 FTE plus 30% bonus that is in total 25000 + 7500 = 32500 FTE tokens.

Token sale is open now!

FTE token ICO 5 week price:

contribution below 1 Ether - 2'500 FTE for every 0.1 Eth

contribution between 1 - 10 Eth - 26'250 FTE for every 1 Eth

contribution above 10 Ether - 275'000 FTE for every 10 Eth

To buy FTE tokens send ETH to

After the ETH transaction has been confirmed and verified, FTE tokens will be sent to your Ethereum address, which you used to make the transfer.

Warning! Do not send ETH from exchange wallets. Only send ETH from wallets to which you have the private key (MyEtherWallet, Metamask etc).

Adding FTE token in your wallet (using MyEtherWallet):

You need to authorize yourself in your wallet.
On the right side of the Token Balances block, click "Add Custom Token".
Fill in the fields with the following information:
FTE Token Contract Address -
Token Symbol - FTE
Decimals - 3

Warning! This is NOT Smart Contract of our Pre-Sale, this is ERC-20 Contract of FTE token. Do NOT send your Ether here. For buying FTE tokens use address in the field above. Click Save. After a little while, the data will refresh and you will see the tokens in your wallet.

If you have any questions please ask at FTE Telegram Group or send private message to @FTE_Dave

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